Refresh Yourself!

Have  you gone all day long without stopping to refresh… drink a glass of water… grab a bite of food, or take a power nap?

You deserve to refresh yourself

Refresh….means to give new strength or energy to

While surfing on the internet  information is constantly being uploaded which can easily overwhelm us by the number of ads and banners  to click on. Once you have opened up those ads  and you want to go back to your original page,  simply press the refresh icon.  It refreshes  the entire page again from scratch.

Do you need a refresh?

Often times we get distracted because of so much going on in our life that we don’t realize that we have the same ability to refresh from our hectic schedules that have us dog tired.

Here are a few  a few ‘ PAUSE4U PERKS’ to help you to consider to ‘refresh (reset) yourself’

    • Declutter

    When I feel the need do declutter I go through my closet and pull out things I don’t wear anymore and donate them, and then it allows room for something new

    • Change your scenery

    This puts me in a mind of discovery of what life is like outside of my normal routine. Just the other day I decided to go to another Library Branch in another city. It was a brilliant idea. It refreshed and gave me a new appetite for what I love, and that is learning

    • Rest & Relax

    I am a shower type individual. I never like having to sit in a tub because it seems like a waste of time, (my time) and water, but when I do, it is most relaxing.  It relieves all the stress of that day.

    Think of something that you can do to refresh yourself today or any given day when you feel overwhelmed?

    I would like to ‘pause to pray’ for

    actions in your life so that you can be revitalized, refreshed, and reinvigorated with unlimited energy.


    Lord show me how to refresh when I’m feeling overwhelmed, Thank you! Amen!

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