‘Life on Shuffle’

Life seems like ‘one big shuffle ‘at times. There are many games that are played recreationally for fun and entertainment. They’re played outdoors and indoors. We see team sports of all sorts played and then individual games that may be played against an opponent. When I was in school I played every sport that I was allowed to play from soccer, volleyball, track, to basketball and I was on a bowling team. I really enjoyed them all. Bowling was my favorite, and I wanted to knock down all the pins every time. When I didn’t I became a little irritated that they didn’t fall when and how I wanted but I learned that if you pick up what was left (the spares) it was like you knocked them all down. So I knew that even though you don’t get it all, there are still some left to pick up. Like our life, when it seems like we can’t get it all at the time that we want, when we want, we must remind ourselves there is something left to pick up.

I began to realize that there was another game to play after the season of school sports were over and it’s called ‘Life”. Growing up, going to College, getting married, having children, working. So many moves to make! Shuffle, shuffle, shuffle! These particular moves are way different and seem a little difficult to make at times and don’t seem like they’re going to be as fun. I know that it’s truly up to me to make them. So I’m learning to do them without hesitation knowing they’re for my better good and not for others. I began to experience a newfound respect and love for myself that brings me a certain peace, happiness and wholeness.

My question to you while you’re reading this is what’s your next move?  Are you afraid to make it? Who else is to going to make the move that is yours to make? What will happen to your peace and happiness if you don’t make it? What results do you want to see? Completeness, confidence, and courage with peace are waiting on you to become that whole person that you know that you long for. It’s that time for you to Pause4U!

Pause4U Proposals

  • Plan something that you know that you are good at and start doing it again
  • Learn something new that you always wanted to learn and give it all you’ve got
  • Pick up that thing that you dread to do and do it! (Dr.’s appt. start a class, start a garden, make that call or text, stop an unhealthy cycle, etc)
  • Find your footing! (Find Yourself!)
  • Make steps toward being happy, healthy and whole
  • Make you some quiet time to consider what makes you happy!
  • Go ahead, and make the move! It’s your life!



Pause4U Prayer

Lord, help me to find myself in my everyday ‘Life on Shuffle! Amen!



*Ask for Divine assistance whenever you get stuck or frustrated and feel like you don’t know where to begin

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