Trips are made to enjoy not regret!

When was the last time you did something for someone because it was your idea and not theirs? You saw that they were going through or just needed a picker upper. You felt that they could use an extra hand or a few more dollars. You felt good about it and slept well. How about a family member or a close friend? A particular person telling you that you ought to do this or that, because… I’m your friend, we went to elementary school together, or we lived on the same block or you should do this because you are a sweet person… Haven’t we all heard those words before? Then ‘guilt’ comes into play and it begins to make us feel horrible if we don’t feel it! So in turn we feel subjected and frustrated just because…we did not say ‘No’! After allowing the guilt to gang upon us we feel compelled to do something that we didn’t plan on doing. What a crying shame! Guilt just took us on one of it’s unhappy, unhealthy, trips. We don’t feel whole either! It’s time to have that self- talk with ourselves and ‘PAUSE4U’.

This is just a few things to do the next time you feel pressured to make a decision that’s not yours to do;

*Say give me some time to think it over

*Let me get back with you

*Pause & Pray

*After you have prayed, gauge your feelings and see if there is no guilt

Pause4U Prayer;

Lord, help me to remind myself that whenever I feel pressured to do or obligate to something, to implement PAUSE4U as an action for my wellness. To know that it is my decision primarily without allowing guilt or pressure to be placed on me or others. Thank you! Amen!

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