Hi, I’m Karen the founder of Pause4U. It started one day when I was doing so many things that I  began to feel overwhelmed. I began to examine myself why. The answer was, I was being all things to everyone and nothing to myself. I was overwhelmed, tired, irritated, low energy and drained. It dropped into my spirit ‘Pause4U’. So I adapted those simple 3 words and said I ‘m going to do just that. So I started making movie dates with myself once a week, and began to like it. Sometimes we wait for the right time, place, or person to show us a good time. Why? What or we waiting for? Life will come and go and we would have never done anything for ourselves. We have the same opportunity and power to do it for ourselves. Our life is too important to keep waiting. It’s time to Pause4U.  Make an assessment of your life and happiness. We deserve happiness, Now! Not next week, or next year! I’ve also adopted the phrase, ‘If it’s to be, then it’s up to me’! So I’ve created this blog for you also so you can Pause4U and make your life count and you not just sit around and watch others laugh and have fun! You deserve it too! Make your life count!