‘Capture Your Time’


Take into one’s possession or control by force
The action of capturing or being captured (catch, synonym, Intercept and hold
Synonyms: Grab, Snatch, Take hold of, Grasp. Grip, Clutch, Get

     As I begin my regular day, I always try  to remember to write out a ‘Things To Do List’. It helps me to stay on track with the things that I need to do that are necessary or important. I may veer off from time to time. Sometimes it’s due to something else or someone else, so I fail to complete my list.

It becomes very frustrating when I look at the close of the day and then look at my list and I realize that I fulfilled more of someone else’s list than my own. There are only 24 hours in a day. If you were to turn over an hourglass and see how the sand drops down slowly from one part of the glass to the other, you would hope to have enough time to do one thing that you planned before the sand ran out. The sand is dropping metaphorically right now while you’re reading this blog. Either you’re going to use it or someone else. What are you going to do to capture your time before the sand runs out?  I didn’t capture my time, someone else did. It se Was it their fault that I chose to put them first over my obligations  or was it mine? More like mine.

     Just yesterday I was asked to take a family member to their Dr.’s  Appt on a particular day and I did not realize that I said yes too soon,  I didn’t realize that it fell on the same day as mine. So I called to cancel and reschedule my appt. to fulfill theirs. After listening to an Audio about how we feel we don’t deserve certain things, even if it’s concerning our own health. We would resort to cancelling or not keeping the appts. It hit me right in the chest, that I was saying to myself that someone else’s health was of more value and worth than my own. So I immediately called them back and told them that I forgot that I had an appt. and that I would not be able to take them. After hanging up the phone, I felt empowered by myself, for myself. I was actually looking forward to a dreaded appt.  I Paused 4 Me! #NoGuilt! #IDeserved!


There seems to be never enough time in a day, so ‘Capture your Time’  or your time will capture you!

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